Hercules, Miley Cyrus and Lollicakes…

I was asked to cater my first big event, The Starkey Hearing Foundation pre gala house party.  The initial order was 400 but after the success from the first night, I got a request the next morning to deliver 100 more.

Preparing for the Starkey Pre-Gala House Party

This event is one of my favorites – not only is it an amazing cause (helping the world hear)but it is packed with sooo much star power.  I attended both the pre-party and the gala.  It was a blast…the pre-party theme was Country Glam…and if you see pictures below, I guess “glam” is up for interpretation…ha!

Bobby D, Me and Ed Moses - Olympic Swimmer



Me and Lauren - you should've seen her sparkly boots - this girl knows how to do Country Glam!




The best part though (besides dancing with Miley Cirus) was seeing people eat my lollicakes and ohhhing-ahhhing over them.  I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face all night.  Of course, I didn’t bring my own camera – I wasn’t sure if that would be “cool” or not.. from now on out – it’s coming with me everyone.  I was standing next to Kevin Sorbo (yep- Hercules) giving him the lowdown on all the flavors- that would’ve been a nice picture!  More lessons learned!

My friends/co-workers on the Starkey Gala Red Carpet, Mary, Jane, Britt and Me

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