Meet Bakerella..

I’m very excited to be meeting my inspiration.. Bakerella!  She is doing a book signing at Williams and Sonoma.  As I waiting in line .. I found myself  soo nervous – it was weird, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to say to her but once I sat down.. it all flowed.  We chatted a bit about my business and some of the issues I was having and she gave me some good suggestions. She took a look at some of my photos and loved them, asked me to send in to the website to be one of her Pop Stars (although I’m pretty sure they post any photos that get sent it).  Regardless…So Cool!

Bakerella and Me

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All Things Baking..

I’m off to Chicago for the All Things Baking Expo.  This was pretty overwhelming – a large room with many, many vendors…where to begin.  Quite a few things didn’t pertain to me.. but where interesting to check out.  The first breakthrough occurred when I met Chef Rubber, and he showed me his fun products and then introduced me to the girls at Guittard Chocolate Company.  This is where I realized I really didn’t know much about chocolate.  I got a crash course and was then invited to attend the Chocolate Academy in Chicago.  WHAT – there is such a place!!  I’m interested!

The day got better when I came upon the booth selling the Easy Roller.  I’ve been eyeing this gadget…it’s a small machine that can speed up the cutting, rolling and balling process.  It looked legit, so I ordered it – I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival.  Stay tuned!

I also took some classes at the workshop.  I found one super helpful in regards to marketing and one super lame..and a few middle of the road.

All in all, good trip and I got to meet up with my good friend Denise – had a great dinner at the hot new spot:  Paris Club Restaurant.   If you get a chance, look it up.

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Twin Cities Film Fest

This was my first experience with The Twin Cities Film Fest and won’t be my last!  Minneapolis has been so good to me.. and I love to be able to help anything local.  They were showing some awesome films..the only thing bad about the whole thing.. I manned the table, instead of getting to watch any.  Be sure to check them out in 2012!

And the major highlight… I met Deep Roy!  Not familiar.?  See below…

familiar now..? He’s the oompa loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

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Hercules, Miley Cyrus and Lollicakes…

I was asked to cater my first big event, The Starkey Hearing Foundation pre gala house party.  The initial order was 400 but after the success from the first night, I got a request the next morning to deliver 100 more.

Preparing for the Starkey Pre-Gala House Party

This event is one of my favorites – not only is it an amazing cause (helping the world hear)but it is packed with sooo much star power.  I attended both the pre-party and the gala.  It was a blast…the pre-party theme was Country Glam…and if you see pictures below, I guess “glam” is up for interpretation…ha!

Bobby D, Me and Ed Moses - Olympic Swimmer



Me and Lauren - you should've seen her sparkly boots - this girl knows how to do Country Glam!




The best part though (besides dancing with Miley Cirus) was seeing people eat my lollicakes and ohhhing-ahhhing over them.  I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face all night.  Of course, I didn’t bring my own camera – I wasn’t sure if that would be “cool” or not.. from now on out – it’s coming with me everyone.  I was standing next to Kevin Sorbo (yep- Hercules) giving him the lowdown on all the flavors- that would’ve been a nice picture!  More lessons learned!

My friends/co-workers on the Starkey Gala Red Carpet, Mary, Jane, Britt and Me

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Marshmallow – how to

Marshmallows are sticky business…wow!  They aren’t really that complicated to make, but it sure helps to have patience, a Kitchen Aid blender and nonstick spray.  Don’t forget the nonstick spray!  My first batch I lined my 13×9 pan with aluminum foil – what a disappointment after waiting 24 hours to realize I can’t even get the goo outta the pan.  So round two – I went with nonstick spay and a cornstarch mixture.


Mixed - that's marshmallow




work in progress..but not bad for the first time…can only go up from here.

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Today definitely goes down in history.. I was more excited to bring home this…

than a pair of shoes… what’s happening to me??  Welcome Home KitchenAid!!

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Maintaining is boring…

Maintaining is boring… so I’ve decided to mix it up a bit.  This is my first attempt at something I think could be so yummily successful… homemade marshmallows and why not take it to the next level – flavor them and then why not go one more.. Dipp them…

YUM, right… we’ll see.  They have to sit for 24 hours – I keep looking at the batch like a kid waiting for Christmas morning (actually let’s take it to the next level…like a little sister at 6 am on Christmas morning waiting for her high school sister to awake from her slumber).. UGH – the anticipation!!!

Lesson learned from this endeavor so far… SHOP.. Yep, after 20 minutes of mixing with a hand blender, this girl is pulling out her Macy’s card and getting a KitchenAid… (and there is a major sale going on right now.. I’m practically losing money NOT making this purchase!!!)

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Let’s get to it…

I couldn’t stop thinking about those cakepops.. so I gave them a try.  My first attempt…

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Hello world!

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Today is the day I was offically introduced to the CAKEPOP – at the beautiful, beautiful wedding of the beautiful, beautiful couple – Adam and Anna Ziskin!  Who knew it would lead me to where I am today!  Xoxoxo’s

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