All Things Baking..

I’m off to Chicago for the All Things Baking Expo.  This was pretty overwhelming – a large room with many, many vendors…where to begin.  Quite a few things didn’t pertain to me.. but where interesting to check out.  The first breakthrough occurred when I met Chef Rubber, and he showed me his fun products and then introduced me to the girls at Guittard Chocolate Company.  This is where I realized I really didn’t know much about chocolate.  I got a crash course and was then invited to attend the Chocolate Academy in Chicago.  WHAT – there is such a place!!  I’m interested!

The day got better when I came upon the booth selling the Easy Roller.  I’ve been eyeing this gadget…it’s a small machine that can speed up the cutting, rolling and balling process.  It looked legit, so I ordered it – I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival.  Stay tuned!

I also took some classes at the workshop.  I found one super helpful in regards to marketing and one super lame..and a few middle of the road.

All in all, good trip and I got to meet up with my good friend Denise – had a great dinner at the hot new spot:  Paris Club Restaurant.   If you get a chance, look it up.

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  1. w9 form says:

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.